Welcome to your Succeeding in your WIL Activity Assessment

Effective communication involves the sending, receiving and ____________ of information between two or more people.

Emails are a form of which type of communication?

Mila wants to share a project plan with her entire WIL project team and would like them to review it at a time that is convenient for each member. What is the most effective mode of communication for her to use?

Giang wants to discuss a sensitive matter with his WIL supervisor and would like to make sure the conversation is kept private. What is the most effective mode of communication for him to use?

Yasu wants to present the marketing plan she has been working on with site managers located in each of the capital cities and get real-time feedback from them. What is the most effective mode of communication for him to use?

You have just received your WIL placement assignment. Your WIL supervisor has instructed you to email the on-site manager, Ms. Malini Naik, for more details. Select the best greeting for your email.

Select the best closing for a professional email.

Humour should be used in email  __________.

In an Australian workplace, who should maintain eye contact during a face-to-face conversation?

 __________ refers to your self-concept and how you define yourself in professional settings.

Your professional identity is developed as a result of your experience in ____________.

Select the statement that best describes professional identity.

Marta performs a self-assessment of her professional skills. What is the audit most likely to show her?

As part of her career aspiration statement, Ubon includes the following statement: “Working for an organisation that focuses on empowering others to understand their full potential appeals to me.” With this statement she demonstrates ____________.

What is the best approach to networking during your WIL activity?

In addition to moderating what he posts online, Jianhong actively monitors what others post about him and untags himself in any posts that he is uncomfortable with. By doing so, he is managing his ______________.

Eliana performs an audit of her social media posts to remove anything that might detract from the image she wants to present to potential employers. Which of the following posts should she delete? (Select all that apply) 

Which of the following is best suited for promoting yourself when networking face-to-face?

Which of the following should contain samples and artefacts that highlight your work and experience?

A good personal brand should do which of the following things? (select all that apply)

When delivering an elevator pitch, you should ______________.