Communicating your professional identity

It is important to consider how you showcase your professional identity to create a lasting impression which differentiates you from others.

Communicating your professional identity can be done in several ways. As your professional identity develops and changes with different experiences, you need to adapt and update how you showcase and promote your skills, abilities and ambitions. Some suggestions for showcasing your professional identity are:


An electronic portfolio

A collection of digital items that evidence your skills and abilities.

  • Samples and artefacts that highlight your work, experiences and personal values
  • Might include professional and personal references and testimonials
  • May also include awards, certificates and other forms of recognition you have received.
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A personal branding statement

An ongoing process for establishing and promoting your image and what you stand for. It includes your unique combination of skills and experiences that make you what you are. A personal branding statement is like an elevator pitch about yourself.

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A professional digital footprint

Refers to the identity and impression you create in the online environment. It establishes your reputation through online platforms and creates an impression dependent on what you post online.

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Networks with professional groups

People and groups you associate with to build your professional profile.

Let’s hear some tips for success from a WIL supervisor.

Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Communicating your professional identity

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