Welcome to your Understanding Australian Workplace Cultures Assessment

Which statement best describes culture?

According to Edgar Schein’s model, which level of an organisation’s culture include visible elements such as images and brands, office arrangement and staff dress? 

According to Geert Hofstede’s theory, which dimension of culture measures the extent to which members of the group are integrated and responsible for each other?

Which of the following statements best describes Australian society?

Which of the following best describes Australian culture in terms of power distance?

Students preparing to enter a WIL activity in Australia should expect to interact with


Naziha has begun her placement in an Australian workplace. She has some questions for her supervisor about the role. Select the best advice you could you give her. 

You WIL experience can help you to become a __________ citizen who is aware of the world, has a sense of their role in it and respects and values diversity.

Fair treatment is protected by the Fair Work Ombudsman for ___________. 

Hyun-Joo is participating in an unpaid WIL activity. He also has a part-time job at a local café to help support him. Regulatory frameworks are in place to ensure he is treated fairly _________. 

Australian workplace laws protect the rights of which workers? 

Raharjo is offered an unpaid internship that is not approved by his university as a requirement of his course. What should he do?

Under which type of employment would you work on an hourly basis with no regular or set hours and be paid only for the hours you work?

After her WIL activity, Qing would like to find a job in the same industry where she will work an average of 38 hours a week, be paid for the full week and receive entitlements such as paid annual leave. What type of employment is she seeking?

During his WIL activity, Uzi notices an air conditioner unit is leaking water onto the floor where it could cause an injury. What should he do?

If you are asked to perform a task at work that you feel is unsafe, what should you do?

What should be at the centre of your WIL experience?

While communication and management styles vary across Australian workplaces, most supervisors expect employees to ____________.

On Chichi’s first day at her WIL activity, her supervisor tells Chichi that she has an ‘open door policy.’ What does this mean?

The use of slang in Australian workplaces is _____________. 

Domas is at a work celebration where alcohol is being served. He does not wish to drink alcohol. What should Domas do when a co-worker asks if he would like a glass of wine?

Work-related social events are ___________.

Viện is experiencing high levels of stress while juggling WIL with his studies and multiple other commitments. He is experiencing headaches and having trouble sleeping. What should he do?

What should you do if you are unable to attend your WIL activity due to an illness?

What should you do if you think you are being bullied or exploited during your WIL activity?