Using workplace interaction to build your network

You can use workplace interactions to build your network during WIL. Select each tip below to learn more.

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Take an interest in people around you

Use social events and interactions to get to know your colleagues

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Take the time to engage in some ‘small talk’

When approaching colleagues with a work request or commencing a meeting, ask how they are or how their day is going. Observe their response: are they in a rush, or open to more casual conversation before starting work.

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Take the time to acknowledge special occassions

If someone in your team shares that it is their birthday or work anniversary, wish them a happy birthday or work anniversary and ask them if they are celebrating or how long they have been working for the company.

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After establishing a working relationship, add your colleagues on LinkedIn

Where appropriate, this may include clients and customers. As some working relationships turn into friendships, colleagues may suggest connecting on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Remember it’s your choice and always consider your professional identity.

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After establishing a working relationship, add your colleagues on LinkedIn

If going to lunch is common practice, and you feel comfortable doing so, initiate the lunch invitation from time to time. On some occasions these interactions can transform into an informal information interview. You can use the opportunity to learn about your colleagues’ career history and what they enjoy about your industry/organisation.

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