Welcome to your Undertaking WIL Online Assessment

Which of the following is an example of WIL in an online environment?

Mai is working in an online WIL placement with 3 team members. She would like to have a brainstorming session to come up with a strategy for marketing a new product. Which of the following tools would be most effective for direct engagement for this task.

When beginning an online WIL activity, what is the best way to determine your work hours?

Synchronous communication refers to _______________.

Faraji has a video conference with his WIL supervisor starting in five minutes. What should he be doing to prepare?

Heng is working in an online WIL placement with a financial services organisation. Since she deals with sensitive material, the firm has supplied her with a laptop and a secure login. Recently she has noticed a significant increase in pop up ads and a decrease in her computer’s performance. What should she do?

Which of the following best describes the role of communication in an online WIL activity?

True or False: An industry online event such as a hackathon or exhibition may be part of an online WIL experience.

Which of the following are best practices for video conferencing? (Select all that apply)

Dmitri is meeting with his supervisor and coworkers for the first time on a conference call. What is the best way for him to interact with them?

What is the best way to update your supervisor on your work during an online WIL activity?

A phone call is an example of which type of communication?

Yeong-Su is working on an online WIL project as part of a team. He has a question for his teammates. He would like them to have time to think about their answers and would like to be able to refer to their answers later. Which of the following is the best form of communication for him to ask his question?

When problem solving with your supervisor, ______________.

How should you differentiate between time spent on your online WIL activity and personal time?