Problem solving during an online WIL activity

Working online impacts your ability to build trust and relationships, share your ideas with your co-workers and receive feedback. 

Remaining connected with your team is an important foundation for overcoming challenges encountered during online WIL. These connections can change the way you solve problems, as you are physically separated from your workplace support network.

Here are some steps to help you resolve issues when working remotely:


Identify the problem and its cause


Look at what resources you have available. These may include resources provided by your supervisor or found via an internet search. You may even wish to reach out to your co-workers to ask what resources they use


Look for possible solutions by using available resources


Identify the correct communication tool and contact your supervisor. Be sure to offer your own ideas when you describe your issues


Implement the agreed solution


Once you have a resolution, reflect on why this was the best solution

Undertaking WIL in an Online Environment

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