Safety and cyber risks

Using personal and public computers and WIFI servers for work can increase your cyber risk. Cyber risk is the risk of a breach in cyber security, which can lead to financial loss, disruptions to operations, or a negative impact on reputation to you or your organisation.

To help ensure your cyber security, as well as that of your organisation, here are some strategies you can use:

  • Keep your devices on your person or securely stored at all times.
  • Turn on the ‘Find my Device’ option.
  • Use the most secure method available to lock screens.
  • Don’t access any sensitive information from public computers.
  • If you are not on your own network or computer, uncheck any options that will remember your login information.
  • Log out of all devices and applications.
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What to do if you suspect your computer has been breached

The best way to minimise the impact or a computer breach is to recognise the signs and report it to your institution’s or organisation’s IT department immediately so they can investigate and take the necessary steps to address it. Signs to look out for include:

  • A sudden increase in pop up ads and spam
  • A significant decrease in your computer’s performance
  • Frequent error messages
  • A new homepage or default search engine

Undertaking WIL in an Online Environment

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