Checking in with your supervisor

Remember to check in regularly throughout your WIL activity. 

Regular reporting to your supervisor is important because it allows them to provide direction and see how well you are progressing on your tasks. Here are some guidelines for interacting with your supervisor and co-workers:

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Check and respond to emails promptly during your work hours to help show that you are engaged and working on your WIL activity

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Ask for feedback on your work so you can:

  • Clarify your tasks and outcomes
  • Make sure you are completing it correctly
  • Correct errors
  • Meet your learning goals
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Keep your work calendar up to date so that your supervisor and co-workers know when they can contact you

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Check in with co-workers to stay connected and build your network

It also helps to keep your online professional profile up to date so you can continue to network with your co-workers and keep up to date on your company.

If there is no set process for reporting to your supervisor here is a template you might find useful:

Undertaking WIL in an Online Environment

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