Welcome to your Preparing for your WIL Activity Assessment

Which of the following does NOT describe a WIL experience?

Which of the following is required for a WIL experience?

Bian is a visual arts student participating in a 12 week internship at an art gallery. She arranged the WIL activity herself and received approval from her university. What type of WIL activity is she participating in?

Which is the best resource for finding up-to-date information about the guidelines for completing work experience in Australia?

What benefits can organisations gain from hosting an international student undertaking WIL? (Select all that apply)

Who is responsible for completing paperwork and any relevant checks prior to a WIL activity commencing?

Who is responsible for supervision throughout a WIL placement (internship)?

Which of the following is an example of using the hidden labour market to source a WIL activity?

What should you do if somebody is paying unwanted attention to you in an Australian workplace? (Select all that apply)

Vivaan is very excited about his WIL placement working in a bank so he decides to post a selfie on Facebook from work. How is his manager at the bank most likely to react?

Yasmine is starting a new job at a design firm. Which of the following should she look for to determine the culture of the workplace? (Select all that apply)

Displaying threatening behaviour toward somebody else in the workplace is ____________.

Neo wants to map the people in Australia and back home in Botswana who may be able to help her find a WIL opportunity. Which of the following tools will she find most useful?

Bilhana is a student looking for a WIL activity in an engineering firm. Which university department would be most likely to help her find one?

Dinh has come from Vietnam to study at an Australian university and is preparing to begin his first WIL activity. What should his main focus be while undertaking the activity?

Which of the following statements best describes the role of feedback in an Australian workplace?

In order to make the most of your WIL experience, it is important to capture details about your experience, including what you what you would do differently in the future, in your _____________.

After you finish your WIL activity, you should add all of the following information to your resume, except _____________.

Where are you most likely to discuss the challenges or obstacles you faced in your WIL experience and how you addressed them?