Project Working Group

Project Report

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For enquiries about this project please contact Judie Kay or Leoni Russell

Project Working Group

  • Judie Kay (Lead), Judie Kay & Associates
  • Leoni Russell, RMIT University
  • Associate Professor Sonia Ferns, Curtin University
  • Annie Johns, University South Australia
  • Prajyana Kumar, UTS
  • Matthew Campbell, QUT

Senior Project Coordinators

  • Natalie Colton, RMIT University
  • Fleur Webb, RMIT University

Key Advisors

  • Associate ProfessorJude Smith, QUT
  • Brendan Hughes, University of South Australia
  • Julieanne Cutrupi, UTS
  • Dr Ricky Tunny, QUT

Special Thanks

The WIL to Work project working group would like to acknowledge the support of the learning and teaching and IT staff from the partnering universities as well as the contributions of the following people:

  • Professor Georgina Barton
  • Associate Professor Denise Jackson
  • Jessica Cruz
  • Vicky Saray
  • Joseph Costigan
  • Bec Taube
  • Renee Hindmarsh
  • Alec Webb
  • WIL to Work International Student Advisors
  • Critical friends of the project

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