Global connectedness: Maintaining your networks after a WIL activity

It’s important to maintain your network after your WIL activity is complete.
Even if you’re not sure what type of jobs you want to apply for or whether you’ll stay in Australia after study, the people you meet and work with may be able to help you in many ways afterwards. They can:
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Let you know about future work opportunities

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Become a professional mentor to help you as you progress your career

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Ask your supervisor and colleagues to be a professional referee for future work opportunities

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Connect you with other people who can become part of your network
Throughout your WIL experience, keep a record of the contacts that you make. These could include your supervisor, colleagues or anyone else you meet that you would like to keep in touch with.
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WIL Preparation Checklist

Complete the table to keep track of your contacts to develop your network.

Preparing for your WIL Activity: Getting the most from your WIL experience

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