Identify your skill set, values and interests

Another important way to prepare for your WIL activity is to identify the skill set, values and interests that you bring to the WIL experience.
You need to think about what your aims are for your WIL activity.
Now it’s your turn.

Think about previous experiences you’ve had. This may include full-time, part-time or casual work roles, volunteering, positions of leadership, involvement in sports, clubs or societies or when you’ve been travelling.

Answering the questions below will help guide you to the type of WIL experience you might be most interested in pursuing.

  • What skills and knowledge have you gained in your studies or other work experience? Does that lend itself to a particular type of WIL activity?
  • Think about past or present roles you have had. What do (or did) you like about your role? Think about a day at work that you really enjoyed and felt content.
  • What don’t (or didn’t) you like about the role? What would you change about your work environment/roles that you felt more satisfied and content?
  • If you stayed in the role for a long time, what kept you there?
  • If you left the role after a short time, what prompted you to leave?
  • What were your working conditions like? What did you find rewarding?
  • What kind of people do you enjoy working with?
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WIL Preparation Checklist

Now capture these in your WIL Preparation Checklist

Preparing for your WIL Activity: How to prepare for a WIL experience in Australia

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