Networks and your professional identity

Networks and professional mentors are valuable resources for building your PI. You need to carefully consider the networks and professional mentors you choose.

Professional networks and mentors help to enhance your perceived sense of value as you gain respect of others and your professional circle grows and strengthens. This will enhance your personal and professional confidence and empower you to take agency of your actions. Pride in your work will increase and the strive to succeed will be reinforced.

You need to be proactive in building networks and identifying mentors who can help you to achieve your ambitions and enhance your professional identity:

  • Take every opportunity to build and strengthen networks.
  • Use networks to extend ‘knowledge flows’ though working collaboratively and sharing skills and expertise and learning from others.
  • Capitalise on community networks in addition to industry networks.
  • Source mentors in relevant networks that you connect with.

Let’s check back in with some students who have completed a WIL activity to hear about their experiences with networks.

Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Professional Identity

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