Starting a new job or WIL activity

It’s helpful to know what to expect when you are starting a new job or WIL activity.

The paperwork required will depend on what type of WIL activity you’re undertaking. This could be a Placement Form between you, your university and the employer. The Placement Form should outline your duties, the length of your placement and the employer’s obligations for your placement. Otherwise, it may be a letter of offer or an employment contract. You’ll need to ensure that your supervisor or employer has informed you of your employment type, the duration of your WIL activity or job and whether it is ongoing or fixed term. You will also need to know whether your pay and conditions come under an Award or an Enterprise Agreement. You may need proof of identity when you sign your contract or agreement. This may include your passport, visa (or VEVO printout) and drivers licence.

On your first day ensure that you know the:

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Location you will go to and how to get there

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Time you start

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Person to whom you will report

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Make sure you know your TFN

Let’s listen to some international students who have undertaken a WIL activity describe their first days.

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