Working in a diverse team

It becomes challenging to label and describe a singular Australian workplace or workplace culture. Every workplace can be different, and within these workplaces there are often many different cultures.

Some strategies that may help you to work successfully as part of a diverse team include:

  • Seek first to understand others’ point of views; then to be understood.
  • Respect others’ opinions.
  • Acknowledge cultural / generational differences and historic injustices without becoming defensive.
  • Be open to learning about other cultures and ideas
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Think about this

As a way to consider further the idea of a multicultural Australia, have a look at this short video which presents images from a recent National Multicultural Festival.

Think about how these images and descriptions relate to your experience of Australian culture. What stereotypes do you have about Australian culture? Have you seen evidence of these? Are these typical across all Australians?

Understanding Australian Workplace Cultures: Understanding workplace cultures

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