Succeeding in WIL in an online environment

Here are four simple tips to help you succeed in an online WIL environment:


Set up your work area:

  • Find a quiet and private spot in your house or on campus
  • Make sure you have access to the technology you need (e.g. computer, wifi, printer, headset)
  • Use the checklist at the bottom of this page to help ensure your workspace is both ergonomic and safe
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Set up a routine and plan out your day:

  • Set hours for working on your WIL activity
  • Set daily goals
  • Mark out time in your calendar to complete tasks
  • Check in regularly with your supervisor and co-workers to clarify tasks
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Act professionally:

  • Dress professionally so you are ready for video conferences
  • Communicate professionally and in a timely manner
  • Avoid distractions, including social media
  • If you live with others, inform your housemates of your WIL responsibilities and plan around when you are completing important tasks, or attending meetings
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Be considerate towards your supervisor and co-workers:

  • Be proactive in seeking opportunities to provide assistance
  • Show respect towards others and consider others’ perspectives

Tips: Templates and tools are available online to assist with managing your daily routine such as project management platforms and online calendars. This checklist will help you set up a safe work space at home.

Download checklist

Undertaking WIL in an Online Environment

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