What skills will you enhance through WIL in an online environment?

WIL in an online environment provides opportunities to interact with industry partners in unique ways. There are advantages to working in online environments, such as developing new skills that will enhance your employability.

woman meeting another woman on computer

Additional communication skills can be developed through:

  • Participating in online meetings
  • Designing your presentation for an online environment
  • Using technology to effectively report on your work
  • Proactively maintaining your connection with co-workers
  • Mastering online collaboration tools
  • Building your online professional identity
  • Expanding your networks
woman at desk in suit holding tablet

Additional professional capabilities can be developed through:

  • Organising and managing your time to complete tasks online
  • Being resilient, self-directed, and showing initiative
  • Working independently and responsibly
  • Collaborating with teams in various online modes
Let’s hear from some students about the benefits they experienced undertaking WIL in an online environment.

Undertaking WIL in an Online Environment

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