Australian Workplace culture and etiquette

In addition to learning about the WIL organisation and the broader industry you are interested in working in, it’s important that you are also able to identify and understand workplace culture and etiquette.

What is workplace culture? It could be described as:

  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Assumptions
  • Attitudes
  • Behaviours

So how do you figure out the workplace culture of your WIL work organisation? Workplaces have different types of styles and it’s important to consider the things that signify that ‘this is the way we do things around here’. As an international student, you may also notice the workplace culture is different in Australia compared to your home country or other workplaces you’ve experienced. Example of different types of workplace culture can include the workplace environment, the dress code for staff, the communication style between colleagues or the level of interaction you have with customers or clients.

This image depicts a casual Australian workplace. Select each marker for an explanation.

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