LinkedIn is a free professional networking site with over 400 million members worldwide. LinkedIn allows individuals to build a profile, connect with their peers, showcase their growing skill set and share knowledge and experience.
The site allows students to build local and global networks, access hundreds of thousands of companies across all industries and search for future employment opportunities. Essentially, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for students and staff to increase their social capital, plan future career steps and brand themselves effectively for the world of work.
University students and soon-to-be graduates may assume that LinkedIn only serves ‘professionals’ who are looking for their next job. LinkedIn is indeed a valuable tool for job searching and both students and graduates can make the most of this platform to build a profile that will get noticed by employers and showcase the valuable skills and experiences you’ve gained while at university. LinkedIn has created an entire space dedicated to university students and graduates that offers tailored advice on how to use LinkedIn for profile building, finding work, growing your professional network and standing out.

Preparing for your WIL Activity: How to prepare for a WIL experience in Australia

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