Benefits of doing WIL

Engaging in a WIL activity has many benefits. Working on an actual work project, or with a real industry or community partner, puts your studies into context with ‘real-life’ consequences.

Whether you stay working in Australia after you complete your studies, return home or go overseas elsewhere, the WIL experiences you have had will provide you with many benefits. WIL is a ‘building block’ for your career success.

Some benefits of completing a WIL activity as part of your studies in Australia include:

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Expanding your knowledge, learning new professional skills and putting theory into practice.

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Boosting your resume and increasing the chance of employment in your field of study in Australia, back home or internationally.

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Developing transferable skills and knowledge, such as problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and interpersonal communication techniques in work settings.

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Acquiring career development strategies and a work experience portfolio.

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Giving you the opportunity to understand Australian workplace culture and specific competencies of professions and industries.

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Establishing a network of contacts within Australia and potentially overseas.

Preparing for your WIL Activity: What is WIL?

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