Structure of a WIL activity

Just as there are different types of WIL activities, there are also different ways that a WIL activity can be structured. WIL activities are generally part of your program or subject of study and are formally assessed.
Depending on what you are studying, your WIL experience can be:

  • Paid or unpaid
  • On-campus, off-campus or online
  • Based in Australia or overseas
  • A short- or long-term activity
  • A one-off activity or regular activities throughout your program
  • Inter-disciplinary with students who are studying other subjects and potentially from other universities
  • In multicultural teams with a mix of local and other international students

Let’s check back in with some WIL students as they discuss the structure of the WIL activities they have undertaken.

Your education provider will let you know what the structure of your WIL activity will be. Australia has strict guidelines about students completing work experience both for, and not for credit, so check out the  Fair Work Ombudsman website for the most up-to-date fact sheets and guidelines.

Preparing for your WIL Activity: What is WIL?

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