Communication skills in a WIL experience

Good communicators work very hard to build their communication skills.

You will not be expected to be excellent communicators as soon as you start your WIL opportunity. However, you need to show that you are really trying to overcome any weaknesses by integrating the feedback you receive to improve on your communication skills.

Let’s look at what makes an effective communicator in the workplace. Select each speech bubble to learn more.

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Case Study

Imagine you are undertaking your WIL experience in a primary school. You have been asked to prepare for a parent-teacher interview regarding a student who is demonstrating behaviour problems. Identify the appropriate professional language, format and medium that you would employ to communicate the issue to their parents or caregivers. Identify how you would address possible defensive reactions and the communication strategies you would use to ensure everybody benefits from the interview.

Let’s hear from some WIL participants

Watch the following video to hear some international students who have participated in WIL discuss how they communicated during their WIL activity

Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Communication Skills

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