Why communication skills are important

Effective communication skills in the workplace are critically important as the workforce today is comprised of people from very diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds who practise different value systems.

Employers also place emphasis on effective communication skills when selecting or recruiting employees. In order to succeed in your WIL experience and your future career, you must ensure that you acquire effective communication skills.

Effective communication

Effective communication involves the sending, receiving and understanding of information between two or more people. The message can be in the form of oral, written or non-verbal symbols communicated face-to-face, over the telephone, in an email or online via video conferencing, instant message or chat.

The sender should always consider the receiver’s linguistic and cultural background as well as their value system and select the most appropriate language, format, medium and time to send their message so that communication takes place effectively and appropriately.

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Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Communication Skills

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