Professional digital communication

In your WIL experience and future workplace, you may need to use different forms of communication platforms.

In Australia, email is the most commonly used form of communication in professional contexts but other platforms are used widely as well. Other commonly used platforms include Facebook and other social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype and Zoom to name a few.

Predominantly for formal communication in a professional context that is not face-to-face you are most likely to use email. There are many reasons to use email as a communication platform.

  • Emails allow us to make direct contact with someone regarding professional matters, sharing of documents, and correspondence with a large group of people.
  • Effective emails have a clear purpose and make it easy for recipients to respond. In order to achieve this, be direct and get to the point.
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For less formal interactions in a professional setting where face-to-face is not possible, online video conferencing and chat options lend opportunities to ask staff quick questions, remembering a polite tone but with less added formality, “Hello John, would you like to join us on our lunch break” is perfectly acceptable digital communication.

Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Communication Skills

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