Managing your digital footprint

Your social media presence on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and WeChat is essentially a personal portfolio that provides insight into how you present yourself.

Your posts on social media should be suitable for sharing with all your contacts. Social media posts influence your professional identity as they are accessible to the public.  

This will give potential supervisors or employers an accurate insight into who you are and how you might fit into their team.

Your privacy online

In order to manage your digital footprint, moderate what you post on your profile and what others post about you. Here are some tips to moderate your digital footprint:

  • Carefully review your default privacy settings for each social media platform.
  • Take control of who can see your activity by adjusting your ‘audience’ settings.
  • Do not post comments that criticise others, complain about your work environment or share personal issues.
  • Post content that accurately and appropriately reflects your personal brand.

Be mindful that some social media platforms may share your data with external apps and websites – be sure to look into the details around this. Remember there may be instances where content is shared with an audience external to those approved in your privacy settings. For example, you may comment on a friend’s post, or they might share your post on their profile, making your content visible to their network. Therefore, it’s good practice to delete, or untag yourself if you are not comfortable with posts.

Now it’s your turn:

Search your social media posts and see if there is anything that might reflect negatively to employers. Delete or untag yourself from anything that might detract from the positive digital footprint you would like to present to potential employers.

Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Communicating your professional identity

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