Evidence of your professional identity

Any ‘evidence’ about you online contributes to your digital footprint. This includes social media platforms and professional online networks.

A digital footprint is imperative in this technological age. A professional and appealing digital footprint enables you to ‘stand out’ among others. Your digital footprint:

  • Provides an interface between you and industry and community
  • Provides a flexible, adaptable and up-to-date portal of your skills and attributes
  • Promotes life-long and life-wide learning
  • Presents a holistic view of you as a person
  • Incorporates both formal and informal experiences
  • Helps to build your future.

As you can see, your digital footprint can offer many benefits if it is managed well. Of course, your digital footprint can also be a barrier if it presents you in an unflattering way. To ensure that your digital footprint works for you, rather than against you, you must actively manage your digital footprint.

Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Communicating your professional identity

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