Showcasing your professional identity online

Face to face and online professional networks can be used to grow your reputation and extend your professional connections.

Effective professional networking tools include social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Social media accounts are becoming increasingly popular as an online portfolio of visual work and as a platform for advertising your personal skill set. LinkedIn is an effective networking tool with other professionals where you highlight personal activities and successes which promote your skills and capabilities.

Linked in profile example

To create a strong LinkedIn profile make sure you;

  • Upload a professional headshot (no selfies!)
  • Write a unique headline, remember you may be a student but you still have valuable skills
  • Join relevant professional LinkedIn groups. This demonstrates your professional interests and helps your networking connections grow.

LinkedIn is useful to keep in contact with a workplace once you have completed a WIL placement or project. These connections increase your chance of gaining employment and help you to stay connected with the industry.

Now it’s your turn:

Below are some questions to think about whilst trying to develop your own professional identity online:

  • How could your personal social media presence negatively impact your placement or career opportunities?
  • What is one way you can improve the professionalism of your LinkedIn profile?
  • How could you determine or define your personal brand?

Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Communicating your professional identity

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