Motivation and engagement of your professional identity

Your WIL experience is valuable for developing your PI. In a workplace setting, you need to take responsibility for shaping your experiences.

The personal benefits you gain from your workplace experience are dependent on how motivated and engaged you are in making the most of the experience.

To gain personal benefits from your WIL experience and develop a PI you need to consider a number of factors.

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Focus on building your self-efficacy and self-concept and establishing your professional identity 

Successfully completing challenging tasks and solving workplace problems will enhance your self-perceptions, build your sense of self-efficacy and self-concept and help to form your professional identity.

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Tailor the experience to address your personal needs 

Negotiate your roles and responsibilities with WIL supervisors to provide opportunities to develop areas that need improvement and showcase your strengths.

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Make the most of opportunities to network 

Attend social and professional events where you have the opportunity to grow professional networks and communicate your strengths in informal settings.

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Believe in your own ability 

Source mentors and seek feedback to provide constructive feedback on your performance to build your self-confidence.

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Accept workplace challenges and failures as opportunities to learn 

Dealing with difficult situations and failures helps to build resilience and your ability to respond to or recognise mistakes and adjust workplace practices.

Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Professional Identity

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