Owning your professional identity

Staying motivated throughout your WIL experience and any other professional activities will ensure that you maintain control over your professional identity.

Here are some ways that you can keep owning and improving on your professional identity.


Personal career aspirations:  

While engaged in different WIL experiences, consider your own career ambitions and the type of work you find engaging, challenging and rewarding. Personal career aspirations should showcase your professional identity.


Think globally: 

Consider how you might apply what you are learning in different global contexts and diverse cultural settings.

man talking

Contribute to collaborative decision-making: 

Join in workplace discussions where decisions are made. Listen and learn from others and offer your own ideas.

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Differentiate yourself from others: 

You want to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. Contribute innovative ideas that show you are creative and motivated to consider new and different ideas.

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Learn from others: 

Identify key colleagues with the skills and attributes you aspire to possess. Listen to and network with relevant people so you can learn from them.

man reflecting on his experiences demonstrated by thought bubble with magnifying glass

Reflect on your experiences: 

Reflection personalises your learning experiences, facilitates transition of skills to different situations, and supports lifelong learning.

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Prioritise tasks and self-manage time and workload: 

Your sense of self-efficacy will benefit from planning tasks and allocating timeframes for completion of tasks.

Succeeding in your WIL Activity: Professional Identity

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