Strategies for self-care

Here are some tips to re-energise, rejuvenate & relax during your WIL activity:


Adopt a relaxing bedtime ritual and a full night’s sleep

  • Avoid phone & computer screens 40 minutes before sleeping.
person on phone

Connect with Friends & Family to have a chat, laugh or gain new perspective

  • It may also be nice to catch up with those back home if you are feeling home sick.
person with eyes shut meditating

Be present wherever, learn to stay focused in the moment

  • Use a mindfulness or mediation app during your commute to university, work or WIL.

Eat food that gives you energy for your day

  • Too many sugary snacks may provide short bursts of energy, but leave you feeling drained overall.

Get moving – try to fit in some exercise & stretching

  • Get off the bus/train a few stops earlier for a longer walk to your destination.
  • Visit your uni gym to see if you can receive a discounted membership.

Understanding Australian Workplace Cultures: Thriving in the Australian workplace

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