Seeking support during your WIL experience

Your WIL experience may be challenging at times. Knowing the right action to take and what support to seek when you encounter issues is important. Select each issue for ideas on how to address it.

You are unable to attend your WIL activity due to illness
Advise WIL supervisor and university coordinator that you will not be in attendance via phone and email. For medical attention visit a medical centre on campus or privately. If you are going to be absent for more than one workday, be sure to request a medical certificate from the physician, as you may need to submit this to your WIL supervisor/ university coordinator.
You are running late to your WIL workplace

Advise your WIL supervisor and university coordinator that you will be late. Let them know what caused your delay and when you expect to reach the workplace. To avoid being late, make use of mobile apps or websites that can help you plan your journey, and view live traffic updates or changes to public transport timetables.

You think you’re being bullied or exploited during your WIL activity
Have a confidential discussion with your WIL mentor, or university coordinator. Seek advice from careers consultants or counsellors at your learning institution and/or the Fair Work Ombudsman
You are struggling to manage course work commitments while completing WIL

Meet with your faculty/academic advisor to discuss your situation, and create an action plan to help you manage your studies during WIL. In some cases, you may be able to apply for a deadline extension, or reschedule an exam.

You need advice about fees, loans or financial aid

Consult the Student Financial Assistance department at your learning institution.

You need advice on workplace etiquette and interactions

Visit a careers consultant on campus to explain your situation and seek advice. Your university may also run employability programs to educate you on workplace etiquette and the Australian workplace culture.

You have extenuating circumstances that impact your living situation during WIL

Visit Housing Support on campus to learn about student accommodation options. Talk to your university coordinator & housing officer about your situation.

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Remember to learn from your experience

During your WIL activity, you may learn things about your personality in the workplace. There may be aspects of the culture, environment or tasks that you do not enjoy. A short-term placement or project is a great place to learn about these less enjoyable things. Ultimately, you can use this experience to enhance your self-awareness when considering where you would like to work in the future.

Understanding Australian Workplace Cultures: Thriving in the Australian workplace

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